Why Baptiste Yoga ~ Ryan Toft


It comes in waves. A moment of realization or an expansion into gnosis (a knowing in your bones). When every cell and fiber in your body realizes that your predicament is one of choice. Expanding past your container and realizing that a type of psychic sculpting has been removing and shaping an unfolding that is always happening in the moment. Pain is certain, suffering is optional. This realization is ego shattering; but the ego has tremendous gravity and that shattering coalesces back into its form with the pressure, time, and patterns of space time existence. We snap back into a comfortable container: a container with the calcified substrate of comfort, fear, anxiety, and lacking. The Baptiste methodology polishes the mirror through asana, inquiry, and meditation creating an aspiration to transcend and include your current stage. The possibility that arises from the transrational vantage point sees the whole structure and realizes that it is part of it: co creating it. Action is the spontaneous outcome and is a central tenet of the Baptiste methodology. The effects are compounding and exponential. It comes in waves.

The ego has a lot invested in protecting its ideological mold: its preservation is paramount. Our greatest self aggrandizement and our perpetual self loathing are leading us to a predictable outcome of complacency cloaked in cultural norms. The revolution begins when the Journey into Power leads you past your own self imposed sanctions of separation. When the top protective layer is burnt off in the crucible of the Journey into Power asana sequence; there’s space for honest inquiry and space to witness a more refined depth in meditation. Students come into a yoga studio often to get into shape; only to discover through a sustained practice that form, or the association with form, dissolves into the formless or an unshakeable peace. Using the physical practice as a metaphorical intention of integration, awakening, vitality, equanimity, grounding, igniting, stability, opening, release, rejuvenation, and deep rest the practitioner transcends boundaries and radiates out into action. It comes in waves.

The original sin (or missing the mark) began with the concept of separation. Protecting the self at all costs has taken on dystopian proportions; grasping, clinging, and desire have cultivated the attitude of us vs. them leading to a perpetual cycle of division and separation. The Baptiste method or more specifically the teacher trainings have shown the folly of holding onto these notions of separation. A real heartfelt connection occurs when the mask is taken off and we begin connect with that shadow; those parts of ourselves that remain obscured and tucked away. Befriending the shadow with inquiry and compassion removes that neurotic element. It’s incredibly powerful to realize “one love, many stories, walking one another home”. I’ve never seen or been a part of such a dynamic group. It comes in waves.

The Bhagavad Gita states that you are entitled to your work, but not the fruits of your labors. The joy is in the being, that presence you feel when you’re living your dharma or that which allows you to die into life. The Baptiste methodology uncovers this raw gift through the application of asana, inquiry, and meditation. It’s accessible to everyone who has the courage to begin that long journey into Self. Looking back from where I am now, I can see clearly how it all unfolded, each moment requiring the one before it, each trial and tribulation gesturing toward growth and understanding. It all started with an intention; a beginning, and then it was as though a seamless series of events brought me to Baptiste Yoga and an ideology rooted in action. It came in waves.

Baptiste yoga is based on a solid foundation of yogic philosophy and is concerned with each practitioner developing a sense of possibility on and off the mat. Its success is a testament to its real world application to the human condition and the World as a whole. It’s a beautiful thing to see the wave ripple out exponentially. So when the question is levied; what’s possible? You have the power to become the change you want to see in the world; and it ultimately starts there. Begin it! You’re ready now! The next time the wave comes in; realize that you can ride it and co create with it.